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"Beautiful! Plays and sounds like a dream! Thank you!!!!" - 989_rummer on eBay

About Conrad McGrath

The McGrath clan from Ireland is descended from ancient Italians who became the poets and musicians of the Emerald Isle. Conradh McGrath is a mythical bard-warrior who fought to defend St. Patrick from the pagan druids.

Music held a sacred place throughout Irish history, and the flute and harp were among the instruments that the Isle became known for. When the keyed metal flute became popular in Europe, the simple wooden flute became available inexpensively to the oppressed Irish, and the lively and emotive Celtic songs became associated with the instrument.

At Conrad McGrath, our flutes and stringed instruments are made in the spirit of that music and have a special voice which can't be mass produced or machined. Whether your music is Celtic, country, pop, jazz, or world, it will be unique when played on a Conrad McGrath instrument.

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  • You can contact us through our eBay account, which goes by the name of GroundhogGreg (our designer builder, a.k.a., Gregory Jon Smith, great-grandson of Katie McGrath).
  • Or, use the form below to send a comment or ask a question.
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