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"Excellent pan flute. Fast delivery. Great transaction! AAAAA+++++." - onetv on eBay

Commissioning an Instrument

Have Conrad McGrath build you a custom instrument.

The tone and quality of a Conrad McGrath instrument cannot be mass-produced. Each instrument is made by hand by our chief designer, and most are put up for auction. You can check this site to learn when new instruments are available, or you can work with us to design your own custom instrument. Just contact us with your thoughts. Here are some options you can request:


  • Key. Our most popular keys are D and G, but we can create one in any key, including minor keys or even pentatonic keys.
  • Body color. Most are dyed using our propriety process to resemble tropical hardwoods, but we have also created funky, playful colors. Or, request an un-dyed, polished white body.
  • Whistle or flute. Your flute can be made with a fipple like a pennywhistle, or with a sound hole for a side-blown, transverse flute.
  • Lip plate. Our standard transverse flutes come with a lip plate, but some players prefer the tone control a lack of lip plate offers.
  • Material. Most of our flutes are made from PVC, but we also make bamboo flutes. See our gallery for examples.